Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blinded Colony - Bedtime Prayers

01. My Halo
02. Bedtime Prayers
03. Once Bitten Twice Shy
04. Need
05. Revelation, Now!
06. 21St Century Holocaust
07. Aarons Sons
08. In Here
09. Heart


Melodic Death from Sweden

Avatar - Thoughts Of No Tomorrow

1 Bound to the wall
2 And I bid you farewell
3 Last one standing
4 War song
5 The Willy
6 My shining star
7 My lie
8 Stranger
9 The skinner
10 Sane?
11. Slave Him Meltdown


Melodic Death from Sweden

Lay Down Rotten - Breeding Insanity

01. Breeding Insanity
02. Pulling the Trigger
03. Withing the Veil - The Antidote
04. Undead Race
05. Century of Exploitation
06. Through Purple Woods and Ashen Plains
07. Desolated
08. Into Oblivion
09. Venomous Blessings


Melodic Death from Germany

Miseration - Your Demons - Their Angels

01. Thrones
02. Perfection Destroyed
03. Seven Are The Sins
04. World Lethality
05. The End Designed
06. Chain-work Soul
07. Noctivagant
08. Foul Invective
09. Scattering The Few

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Melodic Death from Sweden

Paths Of Possession - Promises In Blood

1. Darklands
2. The Butchers Bargain
3. Bleed The Meek
4. The Second Coming
5. Where The Empty Gods Lie
6. A Heart For A Heart
7. In My Eyes
8. Erzebet
9. Promises In Blood
10. Bring Me The Head Of Christ
11. Through The Fiery Halls
12. The Icy Flow Of Death


Melodic Death from USA

Zx Spectrum - Human Herd

1. Indigo Children
2. Human Herd
3. Dismiss the Politics
4. Trite Tricks
5. State of Stagnation
6. My Faith Is Running Dry
7. There s Nothing More to Sing About
8. Benediction Guaranteed
9. The Hype
10. Sleeping in My Car (Roxette)


Melodic Death from Latvia

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Anguish Sublime - Among The Raven Skies

1. Opening the Iron Gates
2. Among the Raven Skies
3. Where Leprous Angels Breed
4. Mesmerized in Asphyxiated Delight
5. Anguish Sublime
6. Somberdawn Helix
7. The Forlorn (Outro)

Melodic Death from Serbia (right click -- save as)

Noumena - Absence

1. The End Of The Century
2. Everlasting Ward
3. The First Drop
4. Slain Memories
5. A Day To Depart
6. Prey Of The Tempter
7. Here We Lie
8. All Veiled
9. The Dream And The Escape
10. The Great Anonymous Doom


Melodic Death from Finland

Neurosphere - Demo 2005

2.Night Howl
3.The Bonestorm
4.Lost Angel`s Last Flight
5.We Just Do As We Want


Melodic Death from Italy

Bioterror - Drowned In Surface

1.Evil Cries (Intro)
2.The Dark Side of my Soul
3.Drowned in Surface
4.Chaotic Mind
6.Perfect me
7.Visions of Tomorrow
8.My Sweet End (Live) (Bonustrack)


Melodic Death from Spain


1. Baktun 13
2. Hijos Del Sol
3. Pensamiento
4. Chac Mool
5. Tezcatlipoca
6. Ek
7. Cihuateteo
8. Hunhapu E Ixbalanque
9. Ce Acátl
10. Escorpión Armando (Tlahui Colótl)
11. Doce Estrellas


Melodic Progressive Death from Mexico

Agmen - Dethroned

1.Plameny v temnotách
2.Ztracený sen
4.Ukøižovaný žebrák
5.V objetí smrti
6.Dìvka svatá inkvizice
7.Døív než zemøeš
8.Sestup do øíše plamenù


Melodic Death\Black from Czech Republic

Withdrawn - This Is Not Therapy

1.Cealed weapon enigma
2.Entwined spine
4.From phoenix to ash
5.DeadEnd and trust


Melodic Death\Black from France


Armageddon Mon Amour

1 Mountain of the Solar Eclipse
2 Turncoat
3 Crops of Waste

4 In Love and War
5 Ticket to Devastation

6 Tools
7 Cambodia
8 Sodi
9 Play Without Rules
10 Determination
11 Armageddon, Mon Amour


Dominion Reptilian

1 Dominion Reptilian
2 Torch
3 Cosmic Daughter
4 Contemplation
5 Rapture in Twilight
6 Well of Youth
7 Abandoned
8 End of Days
9 So Vague



1 Cambodia
2 The Accused
3 Wheel of misfortune
4 Torch
5 Avalon
6 Well Of Youth
7 Raptured In Twilight
8 Dominion Reptilian
9 So Vague


A Canorous Quintet

Silence Of The World Beyond

1 Silence Of The World Beyond
2 Naked With Open Eyes
3 Spellbound
4 The Orchid's Sleep
5 The Black Spiral
6 The Last Journey
7 In The Twilight Of Fear
8 Burning, Emotionless
9 Dream Reality


As Tears

1 Through Endless Illusions
2 The Joy Of Sorrow
3 When Happiness Dies
4 Strangeland



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