Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unreal Overflows - Point Of A New Departure

1. A Real Overflow
2. Godforsaken
3. The Unavoidable Passage Of Time
4. In Darkness I Dwell


Melodic Death Metal ~ Spain

VII Arcano

Gather My Blood Forever, 1995

1. Walpurgis Fullmoon
2. Dance With A Dark Dress


Inner Deathscapes, 2001

1. Intruding
2. Anticlockwise Cycle Of Dying
3. Of Suicidal Age
4. The Inner Deathscape
5. Echo Calling
6. Fog Path
7. Release Into Anguish
8. Necrotica Art- The Performance
9. Streams Of Paranoia
10. Descending


Nothingod, 2005

1. Millennium Plague
2. Furybound
3. Deathlike Blues
4. Final Dream
5. Down The Afterworld
6. An Assassin Charisma
7. Burnt Offerings (Testament Cover)
8. Murder Parade
9. Nothingod Manifest (The Crawling Race)


Melodic Death Metal/Thrash ~ Italy

The Revival - World Through The Black Veil

1. World Through The Black Veil
2. Mind Defect
3. Deep Red Song


Melodic Death Metal ~ Finland

The Atmosfear

Shadow In Your Dreams, 1998

1. Enter Your Dreams (Instr.)
2. Reaping Fear
3. Comprehension
4. Hostage Of Favour
5. Suicide Passion
6. Discover Your Dreams (Instr.)
7. Realization
8. Pestilence By The Pope
9. Wintertime
10. Endless Dream (Instr.)


Millenium Of Thorns, 2000

1. Millenium Of Thorns
2. Cancer In Your Mind
3. Confidence
4. Reaping Fear
5. Die Insane
6. March The Way Of Life
7. Thoughts Of A Son
8. Human Race
9. Living In A World Of Dark Emotions


Melodic Death Metal/Thrash ~ Germany

Rising Shadow - Tears Of The Sunset

1. Intro (Celebration)
2. Dream Of Heaven
3. Les Fleurs Du Mal (Benediction)
4. The Death Of Innocence
5. Memories Of Golgotha
6. Black World
7. Ancient Scars
8. One Cry Of Hate
9. Tears Of The Sunset
10. Outro (Praise The Resurrection)


Melodic Death Metal ~ Romania

Monday, June 25, 2007

Preternatural - Statical

1. Time Warp
2. Lunar Cry
3. Mirror Beast
4. Reflections
5. Climbing Down To Paradise
6. Perception
7. Kissing The Queen Of My Fears
8. Statical
9. The Scarecrow Field
10. Needles Across Your Heart
11. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode Cover)


Melodic Death Metal ~ Latvia

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sieged Mind - Emptiness

1. The Foreboding
2. Past For The Future
3. Sanctuary
4. Endless Race
5. The Visit From Inside
6. Between The Fear And The Faith
7. Thoghts Of Wisemen
8. From Ancient The Ages
9. Emptiness
10. Revelation
11. Hidden Track


Melodic Death Metal ~ Russia

Enforce - Campfire Night

1. Nuclear War
2. As Death Sets In
3. Slayer
4. Brutal
5. Campfire Night
6. Stalker
7. N.D.E.F.D.
8. Infections
9. Darkness


Melodic Death Metal/Technical ~ Australia

Section VIII - Not Of Sound Mind

1. Restrained
2. Peripheral Visionary
3. Mentally Disturbed
4. Departing From Reality
5. Journey Into Dementia
6. Non Compos Mentis
7. Phobophobe
8. One Eye Was Taken
9. Procession Crusification


Melodic Death Metal ~ Canada

Necramyth - Land Of Forbidden Gods

1. Abyssmal Purgatory
2. Twilight Chariot
3. Land Of Forbidden Gods
4. Agony Tenebrae
5. Spell Beyond Dusk
6. Crusade Against The Burning Cross
7. Hidden Ode To The Winter Witch
8. Final Battle
9. Agony Tenebrae (Korean)


Melodic Death Metal ~ Korea

Empyrean Sky - The Snow White Rose Of Paradise

1. Love Poison
2. Reality Principle
3. Into the Depths
4. Peak of the Fall
5. Pleasure Principle
6. Empyrean Sky


Melodic Death Metal ~ USA

Day Shine Raising - Screaming Out The Unspoken

1. The Inner Star
2. Touch Of Evil
3. Death Of All Evenings


Melodic Death Metal ~ Italy

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Excess Of Cruelty - Under The Ivy Of Ithamar

1.The Dreamweaver`s Illusion
2.Wafts From Birch And Briar Breath
3.The Reaper of The Harvest
6.Beholding The Crimson Tide
7.When At Eventide
8.Under The Ivy of Ithamar
9.Solemn Sounds of The Soul
10.Northern Shekinah Light
11.The Trooper (Iron Maiden)


Melodic Death ~ Belgium

Darkemist - Mindseek

2.Kingdom of My Own
3.Holding Tight
4.Face Your Guilt
6.Withered Perfection
7.Protect Your Fake
9.Turnin Your Life into My Hatred
11.Coming Back


Melodic Death ~ Chile

Prophanity - Messenger of the Northern Warrior Host

1.Sviarnir Koma
2.To The Land Beyond The Poisoned Sea
3.Through A Winter Landscape
4.Messenger Of The Northern Warrior Host


Melodic Death\Viking ~ Sweden

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Imperial Domain - In The Ashes Of The Fallen

1. Like Fire In The Night
2. From Time Immemorial
3. Crystal Walls
4. The Enchantress
5. Where Life And Death Collide
6. Midnight Madness
7. But No One Hears
8. The Final Chapter
9. In The Ashes Of The Fallen
10. In The Arms Of Morpheus


Melodic Death Metal ~ Sweden

Gloria Morti - ThornGarden

1. Sunset In Karnak
2. Omnia Bello Flagrant
3. Ophidian ThornGarden
4. Sleeping Waters
5. Serapeum Deathtoll


Melodic Death Metal ~ Finland

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Outcry - Box Of The Human Souls

1. Syntonization
2. Box Of The Human Souls
3. Last Kiss
4. Red Lake
5. Slaves Of The Mirror
6. Denied Life


Melodic Death Metal ~ Italy

Mentation - Circle Of Perpetual Occultation

1. Fragile
2. Suicidal Thoughts
3. The Perpetual Quest
4. Prevaricator


Melodic Death Metal ~ Netherlands

Skeleton Proof Tanks - Grief

1. Introduction: To Oblivation
2. Atrocity
3. Surgery Of Fecal Sores
4. Oracle Of The Lycan
5. Sleep It Off
6. Thats My Wife Your Fucking
7. Nice Try Lao Che
8. Eternal Tides Of Sorrow
9. Anal Frost
10. Last Attempt At An Agreement
11. Grief


Melodic Death Metal ~ USA

Ruin - Aggressive Magnetism

1. Tear Andromeda
2. Unpainted
3. Raiders Of The Lost Art
4. Vengeance Law
5. Destiny
6. A Minus Terrestrial
7. Jupiter
8. Into The Inferno
9. Armageddon


Melodic Death Metal/Speed ~ USA


Reapeiron, 2002

1. Entrance : The First Night
2. Alogia
3. On The Wings Of Mind
4. Four Time Sectors
5. Through The Land Of Honour
6. Alpha And Omega
7. Nostalgia
8. And Stranger Will Arrive
9. Apeiron
10. In The Halls Of Time
11. Exit : The Last Night
12. Drum Solo
13. Metal Storm


And Your Life Is Just Another Dream

1. And Your Life Is Just Another Dream
2. Dreams From The Mystic Dimension
3. Cerebral Graveyard
4. The Truth Is Out There...
5. In Fire We Shall Burn
6. The Past Of My Future
7. Vision Of Agony
8. Life Caught In Coffin
9. Delirium Tremens
10. Mystery Of The Lost Maker


Melodic Death Metal ~ Serbia

Psicosis - Trail Of Sculptures

1. Intro
2. Lycanthropy
3. Psicosis
4. Pain In The Shadows Of God
5. System Soul Of Death
6. Trail Of Sculptures
7. Unimportant Painwork
8. Wins Of War


Melodic Death Metal ~ Venezuela

Pitch Black - No Sympathy Left

1. The Sound Of Tomorrow
2. Where The Secrets Lie
3. Engage
4. Satanic Majesty
5. As I Close My Eyes


Melodic Death Metal ~ Denmark

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Divine Souls - The Bitter Selfcaged Man

1. When Life Slips Away
2. Grief
3. Simply Shattered
4. Silhouette
5. Divided
6. Bleed
7. Bitter Selfcaged Man
8. Empty Words
9. Last Season In Sin
10. Elysian Emerald


Melodic Death Metal ~ Sweden

Equinox - Unspeakable Words

1.Prisoners of Myth
2.Black Pestilence
3.Empire of Power
5.My Last Wish


Melodic Death ~ Poland

Alma Mater - The Rising Tide

1. Wicked Illness
2. Funeral Pyre
3. The Eyes Of Remorse
4. Born Again
5. My Buried Love
6. Searching the Bright


Melodic Death\Gothic ~ Spain

Ark Of Sin - Where Evil Lies

1.Determinism Of Greed
2.Walking By The Night
4.Repeatance Wasn't Enough...
5.Time And Time Again (Pt. I)
6.Time And Time Again (Pt. II)


Melodic Death ~ Brazil

Soomdrag - Through the Castle of Shadows

1.Gates Of Hell
2.Lords Of War
3.Anarchie World
5.The Immortal
6.Epitaph The Naster
7.Sons Of Death
8.Nocturnal Birds
9.The Prophecy
10.Dark Light
11.Dominated By The Death
12.The Abyss


Melodic Death ~ El Salvador

Friday, June 1, 2007

Phorkyas - Das Sieb'te Jahr

2.Das sieb'te Jahr
3.King Under The Mountain

Melodic Death ~ Germany


Beyond The Gates, 2001

1.Silence of Frozen Thoughts

2.Beyond the Gates of Death
3.The Nothern Wind
4.Warrior in Cassock
5.Breaking of Soul
6.Deceptive World
8.Death of the Lieprophet

Fanatioma. 2004

1.Intro+Eternal Punishment

4.In My Soul
5.The Last Prayer
6.Internal Suicide

Melodic Death\Black ~ Russia

Crown Of Autumn

The Treasures Arcane, 1997

2.Towers of Doleful Triumph
3.A Lyre in the Old Vespar's Realm
4.Nocturnal Gold Part I: In Ageless Slumbur
5.Nocturnal Gold Part II: The Name of Inquietude
6.The Nettle Path of Grief
7.Thou Mayst in Me Behold
8.The Treasures Arcane
9....And the Cold Came O'er the Feud
10.'Neath Celenic Majesty
11.Forlorn Elven Realms


Ruins, 1996

3.Symphonic Storm
4.Crowned In Twilight
5.Shadow Of The Comet
6.The Flute Of The Dancing Satyr


Melodic Death\Black ~ Italy