Monday, August 13, 2007

1917 - Genesis & Horror

2.Hijos de la Contradicci├│n
3.El Arte de ser Decadencia
5.Agonico Orden
6.Brotherhood of Barbarism
7.El Beso del Verdugo
8.Shadows of Sorrow


Melodic Death\Thrash ~ Argentina

Hypocrite - Into The Halls Of The Blind

1 .Dreadful Shadow
2 .In Blood We End
3 .Mind Reaper
4 .Slavery Society
5 .Blood Blind
6 .Eye Of The Serpent
7 .Dark Blue Velevt
8 .Son Of The Sungod
9 .Into The Halls Of The Blind
10. Of A Fiend Kind
11. Awakening Of he God


Melodic Death ~ Sweden

Epure - For The Nameless One

1.The Nameless One (Part I)
2.Never Surrender
3.Mind Trip
4.The Nameless One (Part II)
5.Mankind Torture


Melodic Death ~ Turkey