Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Everdawn

Opera Of The Damned, 1996

1. The Everdawn
2. Nightborn
3. The Silent Winter Sky
4. Opera Of The Damned


Poems Burn The Past, 1997

1. Territory Loss
2. When The Sunset Forever Fade
3. Needlework
4. Where Pain Never Dies
5. Autumn, Sombre Autumn
6. Burn
7. Poems
8. Opera Of The Damned


Melodic Death Metal ~ Sweden


Krup said...

Please update the link for The Everdawn - Opera of the Damned :|
Thanks for the good music.

Duncs said...

Can you please update the links? :)

Incendiario said...

May I ask you to update those links? thank you in advance