Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Army Of Forgotten, 2001

1. The Dawn Of Magic
2. Into Further Damnation
3. Army Of forgotten
4. An Age Old Dream
5. In The Name Of The Holy
6. Fortress By The Crystal Line
7. Go To Hell
8. Silence
9. Wings Of Malice


Humans Remains,2003

1.An Age Old Dream
2.Army of Forgotten
3.Fortress by the Crystalline
4.Dawn of Magic
5.Into Further Damnation
6.In the Name of the Holy
7.Go to Hell


Under The Black Veil, 2006

1. One Grave More
2. Army Of Forgotten
3. Aggressive Pretender
4. Grace Of Clay
5. Into The Shadows Of Death
6. My Morbid Fear
7. Wings Of Malice
8. The Black Veil


Melodic Death Metal ~ Sweden

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