Monday, April 30, 2007


Shaded, 2001

1. Life Has Created Death
2. Once
3. Time
4. Starec
5. Along The Way To Skye
6. Shankhill
7. Perfect Life
8. Fear


Deincubation, 2005

1. Ride (Desperado)
2. Non Plus Ultra
3. Few Seconds In Clearness
4. Compressed Time And Space
5. Words
6. The Salesmen Of Dreams
7. Miss Norbet
8. Imperfect ID
9. Incubate Scare
10. The Wraith Of Who We Wish To Be
11. In Need Of An End


Melodic Death Metal ~ Slovenia


Anonymous said...

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Mck said...

you're so crazy dude, i like it :P
If your post was serious, you can go to hell !