Sunday, April 1, 2007

Formloff - Adjo Silo

1. Sovjets Modifiserte
2. Heisen Stoppet Aldri Her
3. Vaskebjornen Aleks
4. Arild Menzonis' Traumatiske Liv
5. Romstasjonens Torre Kjeks
6. Derrick: Det Vidunderlige Akvarium
7. Helseskadelige Tore
8. Gregor Samsa I Las Vegas
9. MIDIlivskrisen


Melodic Death Metal ~ Norway


Anonymous said...

This is the best band from Norway, and Adjo Silo is an awesome album!

Mck said...

It's possible, but in fact, it have only few few mdm's band in norway :P

Anonymous said...

Great album! One of the freshes acts in Norway at the moment. Hopefully they will release another album soon.

Formloff said...

It shall be done!