Tuesday, April 24, 2007

VA - German Melodic Death Metal

After the Swedish and the Finnish Melodic Death Metal's compilation, it's time to Germany !
34 tracks, 2 cds, almost 240 minutes of pure fuckin' sound, enjoy dudes !!

CD N°01

01.Mourning Caress - Creating A Hell
02.Violation - A Shattered Blind
03.Chronicle Of Tyrants - Nemesis
04.Behind The Scenery - Human 2.0
05.Apokrypha - Ignorance
06.Dementia - My Freakes Syllogism
07.Devanic - You Will See
08.Fragments Of Unbecoming - The Seventh Sunray Enlights My
09.Still It Cries - Craven
10.Grailknights - Prevail
11.Equilibrium - Der Sturm
12.Absence - The Better Truth
13.Aeveron - Fallen Into Oblivion
14.Lay Down Rotten - Beautiful Brutality
15.Storm Of Sorrows - Count The Faceless
16.Xordeal - The Dreamer
17.In Disgrace - Whispering Dread


CD N°02

01.Deadlock - Earth Revolt
02.Immortal Rites - United Scars Anthem
03.In Slumber - Manacle Of Dogma
04.Neaera - The World Devourers
05.Berserk Inc - God's Earth
06.Agamendon - Awaken
07.Asgaia - Under Control
08.The Very End - Me Vs Life
09.Night In Gales - Perihelion
10.Battlesword - This Silent Night
11.Dark Age - Last Words
12.Black Horizons - The Tears Of Autumn
13.Distream - Refused
14.Desolation - Shriving Time
15.Burden Of Grief - Vita Reducta
16.Decision To Hate - Hordes Of The Nazarene
17.Fall Of Serenity - Out Of The Clouds


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Melodic Death Metal ~ Germany

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