Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All Hallow`s Evil

Perfect Plastic World, 2001

1.Live to Die
2.Perfect Plastic World
3.Hopelessly Stained
4.Cancer of the Soul
5.A World in Ruins
6.Self Made Martyr

Hymns For A Damned Race, 2002

1.The Miracle of Deception
2.The Idolaters
3.God Loves Hate
5.Fall in Line
6.Remnant of a Past Long Dead
7.Ascension of the Vile
8.Death Synthesis Machine
9.As Darkness Fades...

The Zombie, 2002

1.Prelude to Sadness
2.Transgression Resurrection
3.Somberly Awaiting the End
4.The Sweet Sanctuary of Mortality

As We Suffer, 2003

1.A Means to End
2.The Angel & the Abyss
3.The Art of Dying Slow
4.The Frailty of Vanity
5.Smiling at the Void
6.Achromatic Future
7.A Black & Comfortless Sky
8.As We Suffer
9.The Beauty of Decay

Give Guns To Children, 2003

1.Dead Art
2.Not Where You Belong
3.Fueled By Hate
4.Give Guns to Children

The Cold Taste Of Nickel Plated Steel, 2004

1.The Cold Taste of Nickel Plated Steel
2.Devil's Curse and Angel's Wings
3.Down at the Graveyard
4.It's a Lovely Day for a Holocaust
5.There's Always Suicide
6.Until it Goes too Far
7.If We're Lucky...

We're Going To Die, Then We're Going To Hell, 2004

1.One Small Break
2.Just Like Hell
3.A Broken Figure
4.Not What You Asked For
5.Perfect Plastic World (v. 2004)

No One Is Forgiven, 2005

1.The Light Has Died
2.No One Loves You
3.Rip Me From This Flesh
4.At A Loss
5.We Break By Design
6.No One Is Forgiven
7.God Eats Children
9.Never Meant To Shine
10.I See Black
11.The Beauty of Decay (v. 2005)

Melodic Death ~ USA


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