Sunday, May 13, 2007

VA - French Melodic Death Metal

France is a young country about melodic death but some bands try to leave the underground scene to one day, i hope, catch up its European neighbors.
15 tracks, 1 cd, almost 80 minutes of pure fuckin' sound, enjoy dudes !

01.Aabsinthe - Delirium Tremens
02.Overload - Magneficient Alienation
03.Ylian - Hymn Of Piracy
04.Lyzanxia - Wise Counselor
05.Crystal Wall - Fear No More
06.Chrysalis - Plague, Sweet Plague
07.Fairlight - Hangar 18
08.Yorblind - Tortured Souls
09.Winds Of Torment - Devoid Of Essence
10.Yyrkoon - Signs
11.Fear's Dawn - Quest Of Death
12.Agnosys - Equilibrium
13.Symbyosis - Crusades Part V
14.Dungortheb - Twisted Reality
15.Horresco Referens - Deus Sex Machina


Melodic Death Metal ~ France

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