Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Serenade Deprived - Clarity Trough Murder

1. Clarity Through Murder
2. Discharge
3. Where Velvet Drapes Burn
4. Midnightmare
5. Shadowdancer
6. The Hauntress
7. Chambers
8. Nadia

Deleted following of the request of a band's member.

Update since a long time from Tomi Perwala:

I just recently in a fit of boredom decided to google my old band, Serenade Deprived, and stumbled upon your blog and forum post on FunkySouls. I was surprised and appalled to see that our former vocalist, Anton Hibay, had taken it upon himself to tell you to remove our demo from the blog. Granted, this seems to have been way back in 2008 already, but still.

I'd like to make it clear that Hibay's comments in no way represent the rest of the band members and he chose to email you without consulting any of us. Personally, I'm fine with you having our demo "Clarity Through Murder" on your blog. What you've said yourself is true, we're not selling it anymore, we're not losing anything, so why not spread the music? Considering Hibay wrote approximately 0% of the music or lyrics on the disc, I don't see why his opinion should matter here. I wrote all the lyrics and about 90% of the music.

Sorry to drag an old matter up into a long-winded post like this, but it just pissed me off to see this kind of bullshit happening behind my back related to my music. I just wanted to clear this up so you know Hibay acted on his own and the rest of SD in no way support his claims.

So, if you feel like it, put the demo back online and ignore whatever Anton may say in the future. He has no claim and no right on the material creatively or financially.

Best Regards,
Tomi Perwala (guitars, ex-Serenade Deprived)"

Melodic Death Metal ~ Finland

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